What I'm Reading

The God I Don’t Understand – Christopher JH Wright

Reversed Thunder – Eugene Peterson – finished! (again!)

The 52 Greatest Stories of the Bible – JA Turner

Spook Country – William Gibson

Alvin Journeyman – Orson Scott Card – finished!

Heartfire – Orson Scott Card – finished!

The Crystal City – Orson Scott Card – finished!

Surprised by Hope – NT Wright – finished!

The New Testament and the People of God – NT Wright

Inspiration and Incarnation – Peter Enns – finished!

A Gathered People – Hicks, Valentine, Mellon – finished!

The Living Word of God – Ben Witherington

Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt – Anne Rice – finished!

The Journey of Desire – John Eldredge

Neuromancer – William Gibson – finished!

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: The Monotheists – FE Peters – Finished!

Living the Mission – Renovare

Paul for Everyone – Romans – Tom Wright

The Road – Cormac McCarthy – finished!

Life With God – Richard Foster

The Dark Tower – Stephen King

  1. The Gunslinger – finished!
  2. The Drawing of the Three – finished!
  3. The Waste Lands – finished!
  4. Wizard and Glass – finished!
  5. Wolves of the Calla – finished!
  6. Song of Susanna
  7. The Dark Tower
  1. I’m also a big fan of King and Tom Wright. I’ve never picked up the Dark Tower, though!

    I’m currently reading through Wright’s Simply Christian with one of my students.

  2. That is very cool. If you’ve read much of King’s later work, you’ve encountered threads from the Dark Tower multi-verse.

    I’m trying to wrap up some reading and writing so that I can tackle Bishop Wright’s big books, so that I’m caught up whenever the big book on Paul comes out.

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