Uh-oh… Two Days In A Row!

Yeah, but this one isn’t that serious. I just wanted to mention something I see a lot of lately that is kind of annoying. Fake statistics based on ridiculous polls. I could make up a poll like this, for example:

What would you rather eat?

  • hot gravel
  • a handful of live fire ants
  • brussels sprouts

With such a poll, I bet I could “prove” that the vast majority of people LOVE brussels sprouts! When the other options are so skewed, you’ve created a poll specifically to return the result you’re looking for.

There’s another interesting, more devious arrangement that I saw today on (*blush* Guilty Pleasure alert!) my People’s Choice Polls daily email. The question of the day was, “What’s your favorite Meryl Streep movie?”

The clear winner, according to their poll, was Mamma Mia – which, if you know anything about movies, musicals, or Meryl Streep, you quickly realized that this performance was coaxed out of her by holding her dear and beloved friend Robert Redford at gunpoint until principal photography wrapped.

You know *why* Mamma Mia is winning?

Because the other choices are:

  • Julie & Julia
  • Out of Africa
  • Sophie’s Choice

THIS poll was crafted specifically to split the vote of the actual Meryl Streep fanbase, maybe to allow the Amanda Seyfried fanbase to win, to boost hits from their core demographic… who knows?

All I’m saying is that polls like these are why the old phrase remains true: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” So, take a moment today to look at what you read!

Oh yeah, and since I mentioned it:


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