New Year, New Blog

Happy New Year to my old Fumbling family!

Welcome to 2012! What a crazy number… I can remember back in the 80s, imagining what life would be like this year. I’m still cranky about the absence of decent and affordable flying cars, but since I am using something like Ender’s desk to.write this blot, how cranky can I really be?

Speaking of Ender, I probably ought to mention something about the name of my new home on the Internet. “Speaker for the Living” comes from the title of the second book of Orson Scott Card’s Ender Saga, Speaker For The Dead. After the events of Ender’s Game, Ender writes a pair of books under the pseudonym “Speaker For The Dead” to explain the lives of the two great personages of his lifetime. Out of those books, a spiritual movement rises. Citizens begin to call for a Speaker to mark the death of a family member. Speakers research the life and personality of the dead person, in order to Speak for them: to describe their life as they tried to live it… not to persuade or apologize or plead for forgiveness, but instead to offer an opportunity to understand the whole person, including flaws and misdeeds and motivation.

I love that idea, of giving someone a clear and honest hearing. Don’t cover up, don’t make stuff up, but let people know why I did what I did. My one tweak to Card’s idea? Don’t wait until people are dead to do it. Speak for them now.

That’s what I want to do now… my old blog, Fumbling Towards Eternity, was a little more me-focused, maybe? And this one will be, too – I mean, mine is the only perspective I have. But I want this new effort to sort of tell stories… to open up the lives and stories of the Scriptures and explore them, to learn what they have to share… to grasp why they said and did whatever they did so we can learn together about what they have to offer us for the Improvisational Christian life.

I hope you’ll come on this adventure with me and share some of your own stories along the way. The road is out there, let’s walk together!

In HIS love,


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  1. What a great concept! Looking forward to this.

  2. It’s good to notice that some others recognize that “the body” the apostle warns us against neglecting is the church which is for each of us that congregation with whom we meet.

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