Assumptions Aren't Always Awful!

Skimble wrote yesterday:

Nick – it’s also worth noting the positive aspects of assumptions – that they free us from having to constantly question every aspect of every facet of a plan, which can lead to “paralysis by analysis.” In Christianity, our assumption ought to be the unconditional love and grace of Jesus, despite our personal failings and falling short of his glory.

Wise words, and I appreciate the reminder. Black and white thinking in a world where every created thing is touched by the power of God is also a dangerous thing. Satan has no power to create – it can only warp the good and beautiful things created by the One True God into self-destructive corruptions. Thus we have pornography, conspicuous consumption, workaholism (?), and so many other tragic wastes of God’s blessings.

Paralysis by analysis is a real problem for me – I see so many sides of issues that I have a terrible time with decisiveness. And it is precisely the lack of understanding of the grace of God that makes me stress out about decisions. Or maybe it is the lack of experience of it – I mean, I’ve got lots of ‘head knowledge’ but painfully little ‘heart knowledge.’ Grace, as much as I love it – love talking about it, teaching about it, imitating it – is still something I lay awake wondering about. Fearing its loss – afraid that I’m just playacting in the shadows, and that grace really is for other people. Better people. People who don’t do what I do and think what I think when no one but God’s watching.

Maybe if I *could* assume grace, I wouldn’t be so fearful.

I think I need to read Ragamuffin Gospel again.

What are some other positives that can come from assumptions?

in HIS love,

For Further Reading:

Kings and Priests – John Ortberg

Meeting God – Conversations Journal

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  1. One book for further reading that’s really helped me with the “heart knowledge” was The Grace of God by Andy Stanley ( ) Seeing Grace demonstrated throughout the Bible from the Old to the New Testament really made me think more about it in my everyday walk.

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