"Buy That Bus!" – a quick interlude and a chance to OVERCOME!

Alright – here’s the deal. All this overcoming talk won’t do any of us much good if it is just talk. I mean, I love writing about Scripture – it is just about my favorite thing in the world! (except for a nice MLT – mutton, lettuce, and tomato… ohnevermind)

But I’ve got to get out of the habit of just writing and never doing. It’s why I’m trying to go to Honduras in February, and it’s why I want to take a moment and share this opportunity with my Fumbling family.

Here’s how the quest began for my dear friend Paula:

A ministry in Miami is searching for a bus in hopes that more children can be transported to the Homestead Church of Christ to learn about Jesus.

Mike Hoots of the Jesus 4 Life ministry (J4L) says that around 100 people from ages 13 to 28 are affiliated with J4L including several AIM students (Adventures in Missions).

What started as a VBS on Wheels program that goes into neighborhoods and presents Bible lessons, songs, games and prayers has grown to numerous children wanting to attend Wednesday night Bible classes at the Homestead Church of Christ.

J4L currently transports children 4 to 13 years old from the VBS ministry via two church vans and several cars but always has to leave children behind due to not having enough room in the vehicles.

If your congregation would be willing to donate a church bus or help the ministry purchase a new or used bus, please contact Mike Hoots at mikehoots@msn.com or at (305) 804-6168.

Next, she wrote:

Up until this quarter, I taught the Wednesday night Bible class for several years. I am currently teaching Sunday morning and have to say that being in a classroom with children and seeing them learn the Word of God is one of the greatest, most rewarding experiences in my life. So when I heard about the following need, it caught my heart. The thought of kids wanting to attend Wednesday night class and not being able to is a problem that we have the power to fix. Please pray for this situation and help us find that bus.

Thank you.

and finally, just this week!

Great News!

A bus has been found in Florida but we need your help. This Saturday, October 16th, representatives from a local bus company are going to a bus auction outside of Orlando, Fl.

If we can raise $3500, then we can purchase a bus for the kids at the Homestead Church of Christ. The details have been worked out and all we need now is the money.

Please donate to this cause and please pray for the work being done in Miami.

All donations can be sent to:
Calvert City Church of Christ
ATTN: Paula Harrington
(Please specify money is for the Homestead Church of Christ Bus)
PO Box 466
Calvert City, KY 42029

If you are willing to pledge, please leave a comment. Thank you so much!

So please, if you can find a way to participate in this project, go by Paula’s blog and leave a comment with your pledge! This is one thing that overcoming can look like!

in HIS love,


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  1. This is totally irrelevant to an important note about a serious subject…but don’t forget to make sure the mutton is nice and tender…. and have fun stormin the castle!

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