If you HAD to teach… Wednesday Ponders

Jim Martin, from A Place For the God-Hungry, is the blogger I want to be when I grow up!

He turned me on to a very cool site, called Thought Questions – and I think he’s sparked a new Wednesday tradition here at Fumbling Towards Eternity! So – here’s your Wednesday Ponder… PLEASE share your answers with the rest of us!

If you HAD to teach something… what would you teach? Why?

in HIS love,



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  1. Literature…because escape between the covers of a book is something everyone needs!

    • AMEN! and not some dry class where we break down Thomas Hardy’s use of grammar in the Mayor of Casterbridge (can you tell I’m still scarred by Doug Morris???)

      But a class where the teacher sort of helps translate the story – to help transport the class into the story and thus be shaped by the story.

      Narrative is so much more powerful than it is given credit for.

  2. Well, I currently teach the Bible, and am proud to do so.
    However, for a job, I have already chosen to teach Math.

    • Do you like math? Why do you want to teach it?

      For me, math is a beautiful and precise language that I’d love to speak fluently, but instead I know just enough to thrive in a foreign country. Everyone can spot my non-mathematical accent, and I’ll never be a poet in that language, but I can order off the menu! 🙂

  3. If I had to teach something, if I had to pick just one thing, I would teach people that “God is love.” Every way I could think of, every way I could express it, from the kindygarden level to as high a level as my wee brain would let me stretch.

    God is love – you don’t have to trick Him into loving you. (Adam and Eve)
    God is love – you don’t have to bribe Him into loving you. (Cain)
    God is love – you can’t wash yourself enough to look worthy. (Pharisees)
    God is love – you can’t carry out His will in unloving ways. (Nick)
    God is love – His way of rescuing the world is by love. (ruling authorities)
    God is love – love never fails.

  4. …A good question to ponder!

    Well, if we are talking church, the ideal lesson I’d like to teach is, “We Are Saved!” I think in the mod/conservative COC, we still have the whole idea of, “if I die, I hope it is the exact moment in which I finish a prayer saying ‘forgive me of my sins’, otherwise, I don’t know if I’ll go to heaven.” So yeah, I think our unwillingness to fully accept the free grace we’ve been given is the hugest thing I could possibly teach. And pray for me, because I am (hopefully) going to get to teach an adult class this summer, and I intend to make this my topic.

    Besides that, I’d like to teach a non-doctrinal class at church on Leadership. I think we tend to elect elders/deacons that are heckuva-nice-guys, long-term members, and in good standing. What they are not, in many situations, is natural leaders…or even heckuva-nice-guys that realize they need to learn more about leadership, as it isn’t a gift for them. In my church, I (and others, it seems) see this as a huge issue. Well meaning, but just not skilled in what it takes to step back and look at the big picture.

    …So Nick, you can go ahead now and suggest a way to me to offer that class!! 🙂 Yeah, you can’t just go in and offer this sort of counsel. But I would so LOVE to help out in this regard, but just don’t know how to. In fact, I’ve been sitting here today working on a “Vision 2015” for our church (I am a nerd like that). No, I’ve not been asked to do it. No, I have no idea what I’ll do with it when I am done. But it is the gift God has given me, so I sit here and basically write a “business plan for church”, because my heart is full of ideas and strategies. It comes natural. And I have no idea of how to put it to use in God’s Kingdom. Oh yeah, I’m 33 and single, too. So that basically makes me about 90% heretic right out of the gate. 🙂

    Great question!! Actually forced me to get a few emotions out on paper, purged some thoughts I’ve been having. Cathartic. Have a great weekend, bro.

  5. I did teach – English and history to secondary school students. I would love to teach the Bible.

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