They CAN Learn! Reviewing "What's In The Bible?" Part 1

What’s In The Bible? – from VeggieTales creator Phil’s Vischer

Once there was this guy with a big idea: to develop a creative production company with a culture of biblical values and great storytelling. Phil Vischer’s Big Idea Productions began under a different name in 1989, then took off in the mid-90s, skyrocketing until 1998, when they sold 7 million VeggieTales videos. Then the tale turns sour. Marketing began to drive sales. A planned TV move fell through. The move to feature film-making came WAY too soon.

Three strikes and, well, you know. They got bogged down in No Man’s Land – too small to be big, too big to be small, too little planning and experience to make the jump. Some of the finest confessional writing I’ve read comes from Phil’s blog, where he pulls the curtain back on the trainwreck – and the engineer who caused it.

But now, it’s 2010, and the grace of God has allowed Phil to get back to doing what he dreamed of doing all along – changing the world for children by telling the Story of God. Check out the following video, where Phil explains what he’s trying to do.

This week, I’m going to review the first 2 DVDs: In The Beginning and Let My People Go. I look forward to sharing this project with you, and there’s a little something special in store for those of you who follow along with us through the week! Here’s a snippet of one of my upcoming reviews, that led to the title of this post.

“What impresses me most about this series is Vischer’s deep respect for the intellectual capacity of children, their vast ability to consume and retain information, and their voracious curiosity. They CAN learn and understand big concepts, if we’d stop being afraid to teach them! While there is a “Magic Flannelboard”, this is not a cartoon to keep the kids quiet. This is a powerful learning tool, where children are exposed to orthodox narrative theology, Christian history, and some of the challenging questions of faith. How many kids’ resources have you encountered that try to explain why different Bibles have different numbers of books???”

Stick around, it’s gonna be a fun ride!

in HIS love,

PS – In an effort to promote transparency and honesty in blogging, and to comply with the FCC’s revised Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, I’m using the service to publicly state any material connection between Fumbling Towards Eternity and the resource being reviewed. Please go here for that public statement.


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  1. Concur – this looks like to kind of thing I’d want to get for my son. Looking forward to the reviews, Nick!

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