I Don't Hate Sin NEARLY Enough – Bible Journey Day 5

Bible Journey – Day 5 – 20 Sept 2009

I Don’t Hate Sin NEARLY Enough: Isaiah

Isaiah 1-10

God’s hatred of sin seems to be as great as His love for sinners

God is sick with fury in Isaiah 1-10, and that fury is directed at the sins of his people. But the sins He’s angry about aren’t the sins we tend to get angry about. They’re in there, but they seem to be symptoms of the disease, not the central issue.

The LORD is angry about:

  • Injustice – the rich exploiting the poor

  • Apathy – the “righteous” ignoring and not caring about it

  • Arrogance – demanding that the LORD of Hosts bow to their wishes

  • Idolatry – seeking other sources of life, bribing false gods to do for you what the LORD would do, if only you’d submit to His way.

When I read how much God hates sin, that He would do this to his own people, I cringe. Can this be real?

When a well-meaning preacher glibly and cheerfully testifies to God’s active supervision of the people and events that executed His Son, I tense up in fear and incomprehension and sick dread.

These are DARK thoughts that should make us tremble, but too often, I just smile and nod and go one about my life.

How could a good god do this?

How could the One True God, holy and just, not do this?

I’m torn apart by how much God hates sin, and by how much I like it.

In HIS love,



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