Righteousness in Daily Life: Proverbs – Bible Journey Day 4

Bible Journey – Day 4 – 10 Sept 2009

Righteousness in Daily Life: Proverbs

Luke 21:20-28; Heb 2:10-18; Pro 20:1-15; Isaiah 9-10

Solomon pulls no punches! Real life matters!

Real life is complicated. Some of the more interesting shows on TV today strive to show us life in its deep complexity, rather than the mundane “Aesop’s Fables” kind of plots and characters. I like Mad Men, not because of any uplifting message or neat conclusions, but because of its deep penetration into the hearts and lives of incredibly whole characters. No cardboard-cutouts here!

You wouldn’t expect that kind of depth and complexity from a book of sayings, especially a book of sayings with no discernible (to the Western eye, anyway) organization or plot. But that, too, is part of real life – complex and confusing, surprising and ever new. Look at today’s reading in Proverbs, for instance. You find:

Social life

Affairs of state

Communication skills

Work habits


Leadership struggles

Family life

The relationship between humility and judgment

Fair dealing in business


Sovereignty of God

Work habits again


Value of wise counsel

This one is one of Jim McGuiggan’s favorites (mine too!)

Diverse weights and diverse measures —

the LORD abhors both of them. (Pro 20:10)

There’s a scene from Stand By Me, the Rob Reiner/River Phoenix movie based on one of Stephen King’s novellas, The Body. These four boys from the 1950s are on an adventure: they’ve heard that there’s a dead body in the woods several miles away, and they want to go see it. In one scene, Gordie LaChance (played by Wil Wheaton  of Wesley Crusher fame in Star Trek: The Next Generation) goes to a general store to buy some supplies for the trip, and he catches the store owner with his thumb on the scales while weighing some cold cuts. He is incensed at the injustice of this grown-up man trying to take advantage of a dumb kid.

McGuiggan imagines Yahweh Most High, the Lord of Hosts, Almighty God Himself, leaning quietly against the pickle barrel at a store like that, just reveling in something as simple as an honest shopkeeper’s weights. Nothing fancy, nothing to impress the fancy people of the world, just plain and simple honest dealing. THAT’S the way to please the LORD! I pray that I might internalize some of the plain wisdom of the Proverbs and let it stifle and polish away the frustrating dishonesty that storms up out of my own heart sometimes.

In HIS love,


Proverb for the Day:

Counsel in a person’s heart is like deep water, but an understanding person will draw it out. (20:5)


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  1. Nick-

    Enjoying these observations. I was totally convicted on the “no discernible organization” comment.

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