Julie & Julia & Nick – Oh What FUN That Could Be!


Okay — so Carly and I went to see Julie & Julia this weekend. What a delightful and fun movie! One of Meryl Streep’s best performances in years!

This movie brought together several different strands of interest and passion for me. Here are some of them:

  1. Food! I love to cook and I LOVE to eat.
  2. Amy Adams! She’s hysterical.
  3. Words! I love to read, I LOVE to write, and I have this (perhaps quixotic) belief that ‘words fitly spoken’ can change the world.
  4. Stanley Tucci! He never misses a beat — I don’t think I’ve ever seen him turn in a bad performance.
  5. Amy Adams! She’s adorable.
  6. Real-life frustration and hopelessness redeemed by passion and creativity!
  7. Amy Adams! She’s brilliant! (are we noticing a theme here?)

I knew nothing of the Julie Powell story before seeing a preview for the movie, and I haven’t done much more research than adding her to my Google Reader. But I think I understand some of the frustration that led to the Julie/Julia Project:

  • Government job, where you feel helpless to make a difference or to stand out or to be noticed in much of ANY way
  • Frustrated writer
  • Displaced geographically, adding to the sense of disconnection.

So, #6 on my first list really resonates with me, and I’ve been considering trying my OWN project where I discipline myself to write every day for a year. We’re getting close to the beginning of the month of September.The first of a month sounds like a propitious date to begin.

What think you, gentle Readers?

Should I try it?

Would you like me to tackle a specific project? My own ‘Through-The-Bible-In-A-Year” project? Or a specific book? Isaiah, maybe — or Ezekiel? Luke has 28 chapters {Luke actually has 24 chapters — maybe I DO need to read it more!} — could fit well into a writing project while leaving a few days for random stuff. Proverbs has 31!

Let me know what you think — all I know is that I need to write. Badly. Actually, I’d rather write well, but you know what I mean.

in HIS love,



About Nick Gill

orphan-poet-adoptee-soldier-prodigal-servant-husband- counselor-desperate seeker after my Father's face "I feel my body weakened by the years as people turn to gods of cruel design. Is it that they fear the pain of death, or is it that they fear the joy of life?" - Toad the Wet Sprocket

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  1. One of my (many) back-burner projects is to see what the Bible says that grace really is. I’ll bet you could do it justice better than I could!

    • Hmm… stop trusting Aquinas or Luther or Wright or Guin or even Brennan Manning, and grab onto God like Jacob and not let go until He shows me? Interesting.

  2. Uh … yeah! That’s the ticket!

  3. I don’t care what project you put together, I just want to read it!

  4. sounds cool, just don’t let it interfere with your fantasy football team.

    i am not that courageous to even attempt it at this point, but go for it. sounds like a great challenge

  5. I think a Nick-Post-A-Day would be wonderful, and I would read daily. I hope you decide to do!

  6. I like the Bible in a year project idea. That way I’ll have someone to talk to about it, since my husband won’t read with me.

  7. So far, the poll stands at:

    “Bible in a year” – 2 votes
    “Nick-Get-Off-Your-Lazy-Tail-And-Write-Something-Today” – 3 votes 😉

    I’ll post some follow-up questions later — translation, order (Christian, Hebrew, Chronological, other), and other technical questions.

    Lisa, are you going to start in September with me if we do this?

  8. Yep! My Bible study this past year has been jumping all around because of the ladies’ class I was doing — so it would be great to start again at the beginning and read straight through!

  9. But what do you REALLY think of Amy Adams?

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