Rankings, Guilt, and Awe

Matt Dabbs is a great blogger. If you need a quality blog to read today, go visit Kingdom Living!

So I’m looking at Google Reader the other day, and a new blog hits: Top Church of Christ Blogs (July 2009)

So I mosey over there and discover that Matt (and Jay Guin) have been doing some sort of statistical analysis. Maybe if I beg, I can get Matt to comment over here about how this Alexa system works.

Anyway, if you went over and looked at the stats they’ve compiled, you’ll notice that Fumbling Towards Eternity is the #23 blog listed! I’m completely befuddled and humbled and boggled at this!

I feel some guilt, because I’ve been slacking in my writing lately, and I had no idea that my consistent readership spread very far outside my own house. Mea culpa, constant readers. Let me get through this weekend, and I promise I’ll do better.

I’m also awestruck that God would find a way to take something I really do love to do (read and write, y’all can keep the ‘rithmetic) and use it for his glory and to touch and encourage other people.

Thank you, Abba, for reshaping this clay.

Thank you, dear readers, for letting my words do more than just rattle around my head. I’m honored by your choice to spend time coming here and reading.

in HIS love,



About Nick Gill

orphan-poet-adoptee-soldier-prodigal-servant-husband- counselor-desperate seeker after my Father's face "I feel my body weakened by the years as people turn to gods of cruel design. Is it that they fear the pain of death, or is it that they fear the joy of life?" - Toad the Wet Sprocket

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  1. Just be sure that guilt motivates you to write more often! 😉

  2. Here is an explanation of how alexa works. See Comment #4 – http://forums.seochat.com/alexa-ranking-49/how-does-alexa-work-140.html

    It is basically an attempt to rank websites from 1 to in the millions. 1 is the site that has the most traffic on the web. The further you get from one, the less traffic you get compared to those ranked ahead of you. So if you get a rank of 500,000 it basically means you are roughly the 500,000 most visited site on the web. So the lower the number the better the ranking which is why on the chart the alexa ranks get higher while the ranks get lower.

    Hope that helps a bit.

  3. Thanks, Matt — I’ll be requesting a study guide from you pretty soon, btw.

  4. God works through “all” avenues…keep it up bro!!

  5. I have to agree with Mr. Archer.

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