Teaching the Gospels – Who Is This Guy?

When you read the gospels, it is so hard not to approach them from a jaded, “Yeah, I know all this already” perspective. A little bit of prayer and meditation will work wonders for slowing down your mind and letting you come to the Word as it really is — fresh and passionate and powerful.

The authors are trying, each in their own inspired way, to answer two questions: Who is this guy? and So What? Look at the infancy narratives in Matthew and Luke, and the unique introductions of Mark and John, and see how they start to answer the first question. The answer to the first question is the answer to the second, but it will take an entire gospel for each writer fully flesh out their response.

Matthew — Son of David, Son of God (as in Royalty, not necessarily divinity)
Mark — The Promised Messiah and King
Luke — Greatest Man who ever lived, Son of the Most High
John — YHWH Incarnate

So What? That is the question I left the kids with. If Jesus is these things — SO WHAT?

in HIS love,


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  1. Can I sit in on your class?

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