Notes on the Holy Spirit – Part 1 – Restoration Movement

Close on the heels of my lesson on divisiveness vs. unity, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to address some thoughts on the Holy Spirit for our Sunday AM Bible Class. We’ve been using Kingdom Come: Embracing the Spiritual Legacy of David Lipscomb and James A. Harding as a very loose framework for our recent classes, and we’ve come to that time where we will be addressing Restoration Movement understandings of the nature and function of the Holy Spirit. I have a two-part handout – Page 1 offers a general attempt to frame the historical discussion. Page 2 addresses the NT Witness about the Holy Spirit in SEVERE brevity (I wanted to get as much as possible on one page). This is page 1. Please feel free to offer comments, more quotes, more ideas, etc. We will be discussing the Holy Spirit probably for the next three weeks. Also, you may feel free to suggest FURTHER hot-potato topics that Bryan and the elders can drop in my lap! (I’m NOT teaching on MDR anytime soon!)





I. Introduction

A. Welcome and sign-in

B. In what way have you been transformed into the image of Christ this week?

C. In what way have you struggled with that transformation?

D. How does understanding the Holy Spirit relate to the purpose of our class?

II. The Holy Spirit in the Restoration Movement – 2 Views

A. Representative Indwelling

1) “The Spirit works only through the word in conviction, conversion, and sanctification.”

2) If the Spirit of God is not contained within the body of a Christian, then there is no literal indwelling there.

3) “All the knowledge of God, Christ, salvation and spiritual influence comes only from the Word of God… Now the Word of God is in the Book – the written word – and the direct possession of the Holy Spirit is unnecessary and superfluous.” Foy E. Wallace Jr., The Mission and the Medium of the Holy Spirit, pp.7-8 (emphasis his)

B. Literal Indwelling

1) the Spirit dwells in the Christian for the purpose of fellowship and spiritual guidance.

2) We do not have a relationship with a book but with a God who longs for relationship with his creation.

3) “I believe that God loves his faithful children with a very great love. I believe he is near to them, takes great pleasure in them, knows their needs perfectly, and that he can supply their wants at any time, any where, under any circumstances. Indeed, I believe he loves these faithful children so much he guards them with a perfect care.” JA Harding, Harding-White Discussion, p.3

4) “I feel sorry for those who are afflicted by these blighting, semi-infidel materialistic notions, that leave God, Christ, the Holy Spirit . . . wholly out of the Christian’s life — for those who think all spiritual beings left us when the Bible was finished, and who think we now have to fight the battle alone. Some of these people pray, but what they pray for is more than I can tell, unless it is for the ‘reflex influence.” JA Harding, CL&W, June 1909


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