Immediately the two of them did “see what’s really going on”—saw themselves
naked! They sewed fig leaves together as makeshift clothes for themselves. When
they heard the sound of God strolling in the garden in the evening breeze, the
Man and his Wife hid in the trees of the garden, hid from God. God called to the
Man: “Where are you?” – Gen 3.7-9 MSG

My brother in Our Lord, Ben Overby, recently saw the film August Rush with his family. You can read his comments here. The movie is about a gifted boy given up for adoption, his pursuit of his family, and his family’s pursuit of him: his craving to be found!

Found. The first story Moses tells us after the first sin is the story of our desperate need to be found. My bio-mom was a prostitute in NYC in the early 70’s, and we think my bio-dad was either one of her clients or her employer. She gave me up at day-care age to her father and step-mother, and I shifted from house to house within the greater circle of my family for several years, until just before my 8th birthday when her half-brother and his wife (my Mom and Dad) took me in. By then, though, I was already (as Paul would describe) ‘by nature a child of’ homelessness.

I heard the voice of God in 1994 and began to come out of hiding. My heart, hardened by bitterness and fear and anger and brokenness, is still terribly stony. I expectantly long for the day when I am Home, when I see my Father face-to-face, when he wipes the last tears of abandonment from my eyes forever. In the meantime, His Presence around the table, among His Family, in His Word, comforts me and goads me to greater earnestness in pursuit of Him.

in HIS love,


About Nick Gill

orphan-poet-adoptee-soldier-prodigal-servant-husband- counselor-desperate seeker after my Father's face "I feel my body weakened by the years as people turn to gods of cruel design. Is it that they fear the pain of death, or is it that they fear the joy of life?" - Toad the Wet Sprocket

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  1. Praise God that He is a God who seeks, a God who doesn’t rest while some have not been found.May God bless you in your walk with Him.Grace and peace,Tim

  2. I can’t imagine what it feels like to walk in your shoes. I just thank God that His love is so heavy that it can sink into the painful places of a heart raised on a steady diet of rejection. You are amazing grace personified.

  3. Grace is like the water that seeps into the rock of our heart. When the winter of tribulation comes, the rock freezes, but grace expands and breaks the rock. Every season brings new breaking, until the rock has become fertile soil wherein the water feeds new life.Pray for me that guilt will serve its purpose and I will not let it cling to be beyond that. I WANT to be the good soil, but far too often I go looking for Gorilla Glue to hold my rock parts HIS love,Nick

  4. Nick, that’s a very personal and difficult thing to share with the world. And we are the ones blessed by it. In this season of hope, joy, peace, and love, you exemplify all of these in a beautifully humble way. God alone knows how he is going to use each of us during our time here on earth. I want you to know that you are making an impact on my life and the lives of others around the globe by sharing your thoughts and His word.

  5. Stoned-Campbell Disciple

    I liked August Rush too. I have enjoyed the new look for sometime just haven’t said so and I am sorry. The book review is very well done.Shalom,Bobby Valentine

  6. Kyle, I am honored by your words of comfort and encouragement. Your creativity and passionate vision of God consistently challenge me.Bobby, there is never any need to apologize. Every time I listen to one of your messages, I wish I could be in Arizona working with you. But that is one of the dangerous temptations of the life we live… the desire to have someone else’s spiritual life.All of you brethren increase my appreciation for the power and tender mercy of our Abba, who sends such wonderful comforters to one who is so HIS love,Nick

  7. Thanks Nick. Thanks a lot. God bless.

  8. Joshua L. Pappas

    Wow. Praise God! Yours is a story I’d love to hear repeated often with different names. Thanks.

  9. Praise God for men like you, Joshua, who keep calling sheep like me. Even if sheep like me have a annoying habit of not thinking “according to the pattern.”Nick

  10. Stoned-Campbell Disciple

    BTW I see you are doing some very fine reading. Taylor Branch’s Parting the Waters deserves every accolade bestowed upon it. You should follow it up with Pillar of Fire and At Canaan’s Edge that round out that trilogy.Oh I have heard thought that you should watch out for that Hicks/Valentine book … ;-)Shalom,Bobby Valentine

  11. Oh, I have been warned! Have I ever been warned…Eventually I’ll get A Gathered People as well. I’m trying to get my book purchases under control 🙂 I’m whittling down my Acquisitions area to ‘Jesus and the Victory of God’ and the ‘… For Everyone’ series. You or anyone who wants them can get the … For Everyone series at discount from http://www.ntwrightcommentary.comIt is pretty cool!Nick

  12. Nick,Thanks for the openness. I thank God when I see the marvelous things he has done with you (as is obvious by the depth of your thought) and with others who have had difficult starts in life. God bless

  13. Gardner,Words like yours are a great encouragement to me, because if others can see that God has started a good work in me, I can trust that He will complete HIS love,Nick

  14. Nick, your openness and honesty is a trait that I wish I carried always. Thank you for trusting us with your history as we all strive to be whole and complete in Christ.Love ya brother, Karen

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