How will we respond?

I’ve been doing some reading on race relations in Churches of Christ this evening, motivated by a blog article called Race & Restoration here:

I’m frustrated because this is 2006, and if anything, Dr. King’s words ring even MORE true. The MOST segregated hour in America is Sunday morning worship time, and it is just plain wrong. I don’t have any solutions offhand, and I apologize for bringing up a problem without being able to offer a solution.

The only reason I do it is because the American church is facing another growing dilemma. The immigration issue is not going to go away. More and more poverty-stricken Hispanic people are in our communities every day. Many of these people do live here illegally. Because of their lack of papers, they cannot deposit the money they earn in the bank. As this is a relatively well-known issue (especially with the great amount of press immigration is getting today), these Hispanics are being preyed upon by violent criminals, especially in our metropolitan areas. This is an awful situation, and it reminds me of the life of a Galilean Jew in the 1st century. . . stuck between the rock of Roman extortion and the ‘hard place’ of Judean prejudice.

How the American church responds to this crisis may define the legacy we leave to our children.

in HIS love,

P.S. – One question: What do you think would happen if all the white Christians in your area stopped worshipping at their local place of assembly, and started showing up at the closest black church? I think it would certainly say something to the world about our unity in Christ!


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  1. Stoned-Campbell Disciple

    Nick,You have no need to apologize for thinking out loud about serious theological issues that face us all in the Body of Christ. On the race issue (and that includes more than just the historic “problem” with African-Americans but also how “we” think of and treat Native Americans, Hispanics and so on) . . . there is simply a huge need for repentance!We must repent of thinking more like “Americans” than disciples of the Revolutionary Christ. We must repent of thinking more about our taxes than we do about human dignity. We must repent of the notion that WE are not the descendent of “illegal” aliens ourselves (did the Indians invite us to take over their land?). We must repent of not extending grace to those around us.We must be proactive. Get to know a person or family of a different ethnic background. WELCOME THEM INTO OUR HOMES . . . not once but enough times to make them feel “welcome.” Learn that all good cultural expressions are not Anglo-European. There are many things we need to be doing. We need to integrate the biblical foundation of Jesus’ ministry into our lives . . . Jubilee! We may never revolutionize “America” but the city on a hill that cannot be hid is not the USA but the Church of the Living God.Shalom,Bobby Valentine

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